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The Bridge from OneDayBow

The Complete Trilogy

“The Bridge from OneDayBow” is a fictional and poetic portrayal of the Gospel. It is clever and entertaining, and yet illustrates some of the deception, moral corruption, and decay that is now and has affected societies since the garden. It exposes the battle we face and reveals the means provided to stand in His mighty strength, while we wait for our coming salvation. If the Lord tarries, I would not be surprised if it became one of the great Christian classics in the genre of Pilgrim’s Progress. Young and old will enjoy this book, and perhaps some will cross the bridge to the King and be saved.

 -Pastor Nick Triveri
Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel Placerville

Truth doesn’t matter to most people in HereAndNow—at least not much. And the idea of an absolute Truth, with real Authority behind it, is… well, best not to even mention. But, if there really is a King, and a Bridge built by His Son that leads to OneDayBow, that could change everything for Tim!

In HereAndNow everyone is encouraged to collect bobbles, for their own good and the benefit of all society—or so the tempters say. But, what’s a bobble worth, really? And why are they important to the tower and the future of humanity?

Tim spent his young life pursuing bobbles in hopes of winning the Great Bobble Game. Though no one knows how many it takes to win, or what the prize actually is, you sure don’t want to reach the city’s end without having the most! The tempters will be the first to tell you that… but, tempters can’t be trusted… And all this makes Tim wonder why the tempters are so interested in his nooma, and willing to pay so much for it.

Tim needs to know the Truth. Is the answer on the other side of the Bridge?

One thing Tim is certain of: There must be more to life than bobbles.

Find out how Truth changes everything at The Bridge from OneDayBow.